Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

Tine Inspires: Coats

Lately I've been thinking about making a grey coat for the fall and winter season. I've been sewing for so many years already, but somehow I never managed to make anything that I frequently wear in winter and that keeps me warm and cosy. So I've been eyeing different online shops in the search for the perfect coat and found some nice ones. But obviously totally out of my price range.

Jil Sander/ Alexander Wang/ Burberry (images from

So I figured I could go for it and make it myself!

I found the perfect fabric at work, which I've been eyeing for quite some time already and I think I'm gonna give the project a go in the next weeks. It's the one on the left side a blend of wool and polyacryl. The one in the middle would be a cheaper alternative, but I'd get a swatch first, as I think it's too bulky. The one on the right is a fleece that I'd use for the muslin, which might turn out wearable.

Wool Mix Ede 7 Wool 113 Antipilling Fleece 3

Now I just need to find the perfect pattern. I have found something in an old Burdastyle from 02/2002 that I still had lying around. I like the raglan sleeves and the boxy shape.

But then I also found two jackets in the September issue and I think they fit even better to my taste. I would like to combine the collar of the parka-style jacket with the sleeves of the other jacket and make my own pattern out of it. But I think for this project I'm gonna do a muslin, because I'm totally unsure on what size to cut. I want the jacket to be boxy, but not too much, so that it would be cold on cold days. I needs to be the right amount of width.
I plan to prepare the pattern during the week and then get started on the muslin next weekend!

Love to have big sewing plans!

What about you? Are you taking part in the German coat Sew-A-Long? I'm rubbish at anything that involves a plan for sewing, so I'm just doing my own thing.

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Tine Travels: Brussels in September 2014

After spending a week on the French Westcoast, where I spent my days surfing and being outside on the beach, I took a plane to Brussels. Unfortunately I got sick after the last day in France, because I just had to enjoy a sunset swim, but got terribly cold afterwards, so the travel day was a bit of a torture and I spent half the days in Brussel in the hostel drinking tea and resting.
But I managed to see some sights, saw the Atomium from afar, went into the European Parliament and rode a bike around town. All in all two fun days in a city that I regret not to have visited earlier when I was still living in Mönchengladbach. It's got some French flair, but is also very multicultural at the same time. Lots of ugly buildings, but then some nice architecture in between. Definitely worth a short visit!
For sure I had to try some Belgian waffles and they were really, really good. Though after this picture was taken I had to go back to the hostel because I felt fieverish.

Of course I had to check whether there were any fabric shops in town and lucky for me I found one, that was literally in the same street as my hostel. It is called "Le Tissus du Chien Vert" and I took some photos for you.

 There was a small department with buttons, ribbons and other haberdashery.
 The cotton lawns were nicely sorted by colour and I spied some designs that I know.
 On the lower floor you could also find jersey in a variety of colours.
 Of yourse, Belgium has a thing with lace, so they also sell very fine lace for wedding dresses and other formal occasions.
 Surely not cheap, but so beautiful!

On the second floor they also had lots of outdoor fabrics and really interesting microfibres I hadn't seen anywhere else yet.
I almost had to get a wax print, but then I resisted the urge and got a rayon which was much easier to stuff into my backpack.
 I already made the rayon into a lovely top.

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Tine Travels: London Stop September 2014

As I already mentioned in a former post I travelled in Europe in the beginning of September. My main holiday was a week in the South of France to go surfing, but it was difficult to find flights from Germany to Biarritz. So I decided to have a stop in London, stay there for two nights and then fly down South. I was kindly hosted by Charlie from This Blog Is Not For You and her boyfriend. As always I was travelling with my backpack only, so not much luggage for fabric buys.

The first day in London Charlie had to work, so I explored the city by myself. I've already been in London quite a few times, but I find new favourite spots each time. First I walked around Notting Hill and admired the pretty houses and antique stores.
It has to be nice to live in one of the cute houses with the colourful front doors.
Lots of pretty old things.

So pretty flowers everywhere.

 Then I passed along St.Pauls and went over the bridge to Tate Modern.
 I had a hot chocolate in the café of Tate Modern and enjoyed the beautiful view.
On the way to the shops I passed along Trafalgar Square.
 I went to Liberty and fell in love with the beautiful fabrics, but didn't buy anything.
 Such beauties!
When it turned dark I went to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and London Eye in the beautiful light.
The next day Charlie took me fabric shopping on Walthamstow market. There were some good shops with excellent prices and on the stalls in the street you can also definitely spot a bargain. But I think the Maybachufer in Berlin is pretty similar to Walthamstow.
The best fabrics, at least in my opinion, were to be found in a small shop quite on the beginning of the street market, next to a bakery. They had some nice scuba fabric, which I almost got. In the end I got a scuba fabric at Saeeds and some ribbons in an Indian haberdashery shop.

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Tine Likes: The Spring Sewing Swap

It's been a while, but I havent't posted about my parcel from the Spring Sewing Swap yet! Sorry Sveta! Maybe you've seen the content of my parcel on Instagram though?

I got two fabrics, some notions and an special issue of Threads magazine, which is so full of content that I still haven't read every article yet!
The fabrics are a lovely rayon,which I already cut to make a nice dress of. It drapes really nicely and the colours and shapes remind me of some Sixties patterns, so I'm making a simple A-line shaped dress with pockets.
The other fabric is a sort of nude-beige-cream jersey, which feels lovely and which will be great as a basic top, that I'll embellish in some way.
I also got buttons, bias tape, FOE and a zipper. Oh and this handy thing, for sewing on buttons. Haven't tried it yet, but will report if it does the deed.

I really enjoyed being part of the swap again and have to thank Kerry again for organising the swap and matching me to such a nice swapping partner. Unfortunately the post was very slow on the parcel of Sveta, so we were both worried, if it will ever arrive in Germany, but it did in the end!
Sveta already posted about the content that I sent her and she even already made one of the fabrics into a dress.

Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

Tine Sews: The Black Denim Skirt

This might be one of the most boring things I've ever sewn, but it's worth the work, because it's so versatile and I've been wearing it so often already. The skirt is a simple jeans-style denim skirt that I made of the leftover fabric from my black skinny jeans. It has pockets and all and just the right length. I'm already thinking about the endless varieties that this skirt offers, when it's tight-season again. I really need some more colourfull tights!
Maybe the hem is not quite balanced as Patrick would state, but I don't care, I love this little denim skirt.

If you want to have a similar skirt, I'd recommend the Moss skirt pattern from Grainline. It totally inspired me to make this skirt.
I added a pink bias tape to the fly and it gives a very nice finish.

It was a very cheap project, because all of the fabrics, zippers and notions were already in my stash. I made this skirt in the beginning of the year and already got a lot of wear out of it. It's my favourite skirt pattern and as always I've already made it into a couple of skirts, like this one. The pattern is from an old Burda magazine (issue 3/2002). I'm thinking about making the denim jacket that's in the issue as well. Maybe not in black, as I've got my biker jacket for the fall and winter, but maybe in a nice colour that complements my wardrobe? I'm thinking pink or a nice red?

Sonntag, 28. September 2014

Tine Sews: The Mosaic Shirt

I can't complain of not having enough tops, because I've been sewing shirts very often lately. It's always the same pattern ( blouse with peter pan collar from The Great British Sewing Bee 1 book, just modified by me and never yet made with the collar). This time I made it with a knit, that's unfortunately already sold out. It's a bit wide which I like and really lets the pattern of the jersey speak. What you can't see, is that I cut both sleeves as a right sleeve. Luckily I could adjust it a bit while tacking the seams on my overlocker. I think the construction of the shirt took me about an hour. Quick reward!
I'm pairing it with my me-made jeans and the me-made watch.

The pattern reminds me of the mosaic windows in churches.

I used a twin-needle for the hem and sleeve finish. All other seams are done by my overlocker.
Sunday last week I did a cutting session and cut four more versions of the blouse in different fabrics, some with short and some with three quarter length sleeves or in dress length. I hope that it will help me to squeeze in some sewing time in the evening and then not be bothered by the whole cutting thing.

Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Tine Sews: Scuba Skirt And Shirt

When I was on holiday in the beginning of September I also stopped in London, because I found a good flight to the South of France from London. Of course I needed to go fabric shopping there, despite travelling with a backpack only. So the amazing Charlie from This Blog is not for you was not only so kind to host me, she also showed me the famous Walthamstow Market in the east of London and together we found some bargains. One fabric that I got was this scuba jersey printed with roses and as soon as I came home I sewed up a skirt and matching shirt from the 1 meter that I got. I was quite surprised that all the pattern pieces fitted on the 1 meter by 1,5 meter piece, but it worked out and so I got myself this lovely ensemble.
The skirt is a simple pencil skirt that I made using an old pattern. About six years ago I could fit that pattern in a woven fabric, but nowaday with my more womanly figure I can only use it for fabrics with stretch. I'm totally fine with that.

The shirt was made using the free pattern from the German edition of the book belonging to the first season of The Great British Sewing Bee. In Germany you can get the patterns on this website.
I serged all seams and then stitched over the beginning and end of the seams with a zig zag stitch to prevent the opening of the seams.                                                                                                                            
The print is a colourful, probably digitally printed rose motif on a dark background. 
I was immediately drawn to the fabric, as I believe that I've seen a similar fabric used on a very expensive wetsuit from an American designer.
The skirt has a small waistband that I serged to the front and back and then secured with a row of zig zag stitches.
It's a good length, flirty but not too short.

Both of the pieces can also be worn as seperates, either pairing them with a dark sweater or a black mini-skirt.
The shoes I'm wearing in the first pictures are my new Victoria sneakers, which I got in Biarritz. They are from a Spanish brand that still manufactures in Spain. In the shop it was the last pair in my size and the shop assistant had to get the second shoe from the window decoration, but I'm very happy about finding them as I needed shoes to replace my worn out Vans that I go three years ago in San Francisco. I like to buy shoes on holiday as a memory of the trip.
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